10 Habits Only Pilots Will Understand

10 Habits Only Pilots Will Understand

1. You’re calm under pressure. Listen, if you aren’t attempting a landing on an ocean carrier or heading toward a flock of geese, it’s no big deal.

2. You’re not afraid to take control. You’re a natural leader- and when things get rough, you’re ready to take the yoke.

3. You’re meticulously organized. After all, how else would you keep all those manuals and revisions properly arranged.

4. You’re always late. I mean, hey, you’d rather arrive late in this world than early in the next.

5. You find yourself checking the wind patterns as often as you check the weather. Even when you aren’t headed to the airport- how are conditions today?

6. You visualize your drive before you ever get in the car. Think ahead of your car… left turn on Main Street… there’s that one pot-hole and a rough patch of road and you’ll have to reroute to avoid that, you’ll have to adjust your speed when you’re doing that banking right turn into the carpool drop-off .

7. You find yourself doing a pre-drive check. If you don’t do a walk-around first, you definitely get in your car and immediately look at the gas. Is the parking break on? How’s the oil? How long before your next routine maintenance? How much weight is in the car? Is it distributed evenly?

8. You know your weaknesses. Sure, you’re a natural leader and adventurous- but you’re also smart, and acknowledge when you could use help, or when someone else knows how to do something better. You know that discovering your weaknesses is the first step in fixing them.

9. You own up to everything. In the cockpit, there’s nobody else to take the blame. You approach life the same way- you aren’t afraid to be held accountable- and you’re often the responsible one in whatever group you’re in.

10. You think of your plane like a person. Whether it’s your baby or your old girl, there’s a spot in your heart for that plane that no other inanimate object could ever hold. After all, you share some of your greatest terrors and most breathtaking moments with that plane- your blood, sweat, and tears have been invested- and it has made you into the person you are.

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