Pacific Continental Engines performs each and every engine overhaul to factory new tolerances and limits in accordance with the applicable Original Engine Manufacture’s maintenance and overhaul manuals. We are compliant with all Federal Aviation Administration applicable airworthiness directives and associated manufacturer mandatory service bulletins.

What's Included

Pacific Continental Engines includes the following engine accessories where applicable: magneto(s), ignition harness, spark plugs, fuel injection system, carburetor, fuel pump, starter, gear driven alternator, turbocharger(s), wastegate, controller(s), pressure relief valve, exhaust system, starter adapter, oil pump, and oil cooler (Continental models). All mandatory overhaul replacement parts are included along with the following additional replacement items regardless of condition: cylinders, camshaft, lifters, and oil pump (Lycoming models).

Labor performed includes the following: receiving, disassembly, cleaning, NDT inspection, dimensional inspection, crankshaft polish/grind/nitrite/flange cadmium plate, ultrasonic inspection (Continental models), 475C/505/530 compliance (Lycoming models), crankcase line bore/weld/stress relief, computerized crankshaft balancing, connecting rod balancing, balanced piston/pin sets, engine reassembly, final engine test, and packaging for shipment.

Every engine comes with a comprehensive full warranty period. Please see our warranty page for complete details.

Free technical support comes with every engine sale, and this is extended to all future owners as well. Whether your engine is within the warranty period or far out of it, Pacific Continental Engines’ experienced staff is dedicated to helping you make the right decision.


Pacific Continental Engines has dedicated itself to supplying one of the best overhauled engines in the industry. Whether you are purchasing an exchange engine or overhauling your engine, the end result is the same. We offer new limit major overhauls, or zero-time equivalents.

Once your engine arrives at our facility, it is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, NDT inspected, and dimensional inspected. After this initial inspection process, the engine follows an FAA approved quality controlled process through to the final assembly and test.

The work performed on our engines comes from a well experienced and knowledgeable staff. The many nuances involved in engine overhaul can only be gleaned from on the job experience. It is not learned overnight and cannot be imparted by just reading the overhaul manual or attending an authorized factory training class.

Pacific Continental Engines choses it’s vendors and suppliers carefully. We are always mindful of process and product quality, technical and warranty support, along with price and delivery. The knowledge gained from over fifty two years in the business of engine overhaul allows us to only choose the best parts in the industry whether they are obtained from the OEM or the aftermarket.

We comply with all mandatory overhaul replacement parts as called out by the applicable OEM. In addition, every new limit major overhaul includes new cylinders, new camshaft, and new lifters. Painstaking engine balancing is performed both using computerized crankshaft balancing, connecting rod end to end balancing, and by weight matching.

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