See what our past customers have to say about PCE:

“People at the various airports are asking me about the engine and I am happy to give them a very positive report for Pacific Continental Engines. Whether flying over the mountains between Southern California and the Pacific Northwest or inverted during an aerobatic routine it is comforting to know I have a Pacific Continental overhauled engine on the nose.”

Multi engine land


7000 hours TT

AT – 6 race class California National Air Races ’78 and ’79. T-6 Drag race Champion

15 years air shows with Condor Squadron of Van Nuys, Ca. in AT-6s

Letter of competency aerobatics to zero altitude in North American AT-6

Jim Furlong

“To the Team at PCE,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in writing for the great support, communication and production of my engine overhaul.

What started out to be a small oil leak in the case turned into a tear down as the case was not repairable that turned into an overhaul to “New Limits” as we found corrosion inside the engine. At only 500 hours, this was an unwelcome surprise. What was and is so important to me is the timely and honest communication about options, cost and schedule. When I decided to bring the engine to a “New Limits” condition I also knew this option was the most expensive. However the proposal for this work was better than I had expected and helped with all of the other replacement items that come with a project like this.

John gave me all the literature and how to for breaking in the new engine. Once installed, Matt Jackson, John’s brother and one of his mechanics along with my mechanic spent and hour in the run up area setting fuel flow (on both engines) that is absolutely critical to engine operation.

During the break in period a small oil leak developed. I took a picture of the area leaking and sent it to John. We decided it was an “O” ring that seals a cover that is part of the starter adapter. It could have been a bad part or damaged during installation or possibly a defect in the cover plate. John had his brother Matt who is based at my airport come over to my hangar and replace the “O” ring. It was done in one day and that was it.

I am not looking forward to an overhaul on the right engine but, when that time comes there is no question about who will do the work.

Thank you for a great job!”

Dave Stevco

“Thank you Pacific Continental Engine’s for the on time delivery and great quality of your work on the overhaul exchange of my last two recent Lycoming O-320 engines for my flight school’s Piper Warriors.  They are running great and students have commented on how smooth they sound.”  Owner of Skyward Aviation- Santa Monica, CA


Stuart Cook

“I’m the owner / operator of BL Aviation at CMA . About 13 years ago, I started my own business. I’ve been dealing with PCE since well before that. I’ve done so many engine OH, Cylinder repairs / OH and accessories repairs / OH through John I can’t count. I’ve dealt with numerous vendors and repair shops in the past 30 years I’ve been in aircraft maintenance; and the quality, knowledge, and service at PCE is almost lost in today’s world. We have worked together on several odd ball and difficult repairs, and always end supplying the customer with quality repairs. PCE is the Engine and Accessories Shop I’d recommend for upfront and honest service.”

Brett Lee