• Please download, print, and fill out this shipping document. It must be included in all shipments and deliveries to our company!
  • Engine break-in is one factor that directly determines your engine longevity. If break-in, operational, and frequent use recommendations are followed, you can expect to receive good engine life.
  • The term “remanufactured” had been used by Lycoming for many years. Though it had no legal (FAA) meaning, Lycoming chose to use it synonymously with the term rebuilt. Lycoming has subsequently changed their advertising and engine sign off to fall into line with current Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s).
  • The term “rebuilt” is specially addressed in the FAR definition. A rebuilt engine is considered a zero time engine even though many of the parts used in rebuilding the engine are used or reworked parts. By issuing a NEW engine serial number, the respective original engine manufacturer may wipe off previous operating hours, thus zero timing the engine. Only a NEW engine is true zero time!
  • Yes. You can have your engine or component overhauled, or you may request an exchange engine or component when available. PCE stocks many popular engine models and accessories. Whether we are overhauling your property or providing an exchange, the same level of work is performed. All that we ask is that your core being returned is acceptable for further overhaul. Additional fees or charges may be applicable for damaged or missing non-standard replacement parts. Late core return fees may also be applicable.
  • Cash, ACH, Check, or Credit Card. We accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. The prices quoted are CASH prices and additional charges MAY apply to credit transactions over $500.00. You will be made aware of this at time of order.
  • You may fill out the engine/part quote page on this website, you may call (818) 899-5200, or you may send an email to When contacting us, we ask that you please have the following minimum information available: aircraft make/model, aircraft registration number, engine make/model, engine serial number, approximate total time since new (TTSN), and reason for removal.
  • All requests will be answered within 24-72 business hours. An estimate may take us longer to complete depending on the complexity of work or model of engine requested.
  • Once you have received, reviewed, and approved the quote, we will forward by DocuSign the appropriate order documents for your signature.  At the time of signing, a minimum 50% deposit is required. Contained in the secure and encrypted DocuSign envelope will be our banking information for a wire/ACH payment or a credit card authorization form for your completion.  You will be asked for a 25% progress payment approximately half way through the process with the final balance due in certified funds upon completion and prior to release for shipment to you. All factory engine orders require full prepayment at time of order. All core related charges will be placed on open terms pending prior PCE credit approval. If credit approval is not approved, any core related charges are due at the time of final completion and prior to release for shipment to you
  • It is always best to call ahead to make sure that we are able to accommodate all your immediate concerns.
  • Yes. We do require a deposit on jobs exceeding $1,500.00 or any special order item(s) at the time the request is accepted. The amount will be determined according to the significance of the repair or order. All factory special and AOG orders require full prepayment and may be subject to a cancellation or restocking fee.
  • Yes. We are able to work with third parties as well as insurance companies. However, all financial transactions are between YOU (our customer) and PCE. We do not separately invoice or bill to third parties or insurance companies.

We are asked this question all of the time. Though we may help you maximize your insurance dollars, it is your responsibility to deal directly with your insurance company. In addition, maximizing your insurance dollars simply means we try to help you get what is reasonably entitled to you from your insurance company. We do this by educating you about the process and at times educating the adjuster assigned to your case. We follow all OEM and accessory manufacturer recommendations when performing engine repairs, such as propeller strike and lightning strike inspections.

  • Monday – Friday 6:45am to 3:15pm. Please note these hours may change without notice. We observe all major holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. We also typically close for the week between the Christmas and New Years holidays.
  • If there is a special need or request we will make certain accommodations for the client. We sometimes work Saturday mornings 6:45am -12:00 (noon).
  • We work with a multitude of different vendors to insure that the parts needed are easily accessible and competitively priced. We only use FAA approved vendors.
  • Yes, we are able to accommodate your request for factory original parts however; this may affect the final pricing.
  • Customer property left over 30 days will incur a storage fee of $150.00 per month. Your property may be sold to recoup any outstanding balance and/or storage fees after the lawful period of time has elapsed.
  • PCE may choose to pay inbound freight on any PCE overhauled engine order (exchange core return or your engine) from anywhere in the contiguous United States. This is subject to approval at time of order. For outside the United States, we may pay the freight from the nearest point of entry to our location at our discretion. You are responsible for all outbound freight and insurance on your PCE overhauled or PCE exchange engine. All factory engine orders are f.o.b. appropriate factory location. You will be responsible for roundtrip freight charges on all factory engine orders. PCE has negotiated in advance reduced freight and insurance charges. Therefore, we may require the use of our recommended freight service for your engine delivery. This is primarily do to insurance reimbursement concerns related to damaged or lost deliveries.
  • AOG (Aircraft On Ground) is a term used to expedite orders. In the old days, this service was generally offered at no up charge to the customer. As time went on, the OEM’s have figured out that this service can be a profit center. In addition, the volume of AOG requests has increased do in part to the reduced OEM delivery on many popular parts. This has been especially true since COVID.
  • CMI currently charges a 25% premium on all AOG orders in addition to requiring premium delivery service. Lycoming as well charges a parts only AOG service fee of $300.00 per order. Lycoming does NOT offer an AOG engine delivery.
  • Pacific Continental Engines does offer an AOG service. We charge a flat 15% AOG fee for in-house component and accessory repair or overhaul. We also charge a 15% AOG fee on any engine overhaul or repair order. This fee is used to pay employee overtime and increased parts costs. Any associated premium freight charges other than standard surface freight are additional to the quoted AOG expedite fee. We do NOT add any additional charges to any vendor AOG fees. If we don’t meet the promised date, you don’t pay the AOG fee (applicable to PCE in-house AOG fee only). CMI and Lycoming do not offer any guarantee for AOG delivery.
  • PCE offers an Elite warranty for an additional charge. This warranty must be purchased at the time the engine work is completed, and it is only applicable to the PCE new limit major overhaul (zero-time equivalent) with new cylinders installed. Click here to see the Elite Engine Warranty

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